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Are You Not Entertained?



Mr Virtual World Runway Challenge Two – We had to do a modern interpretation of a gladiator. Keeping it high fashion and influenced by ancient roman fighters.


MINA  ~  Sid  Hair Black & white (edited)

Unorthodox  ~  Comeback Ravens Hair-base

Xena Creations  ~  Laurel wreath XR-803136 (edited)

HAYSURIZA  ~  Michel 2 Urban Night Sunglasses

DEALER  ~  FacialHair BEARD 03 (INTENSE)

Esgardio formerly M-Arc Mirror  ~  Realistic Full Beard 2

CerberusXing  ~  Venom Piercing Set Black

Mandala  ~  Steking Ears Season 5

Mandala  ~  Billionaire Smexy Black

The Forge  ~  Chain Mail Collar Black

The Forge  ~  GoT Rings, House Tully Gacha

Xayia  ~  Ring of Agility (FREE)

REPRESENT  ~  Airtex Neoprene Vest Black

((OOC))   ~  Spartacus Kilt

Modulus  ~  KenzoJeans Black

..::ILLI::..  ~  Khronoz Sandals TMP and SLink  …. Alphonse de Ophidion, GREAT designer and just all around cool guy. Very helpful, Awesome customer service.





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