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MrVW Marrakesh Morocco – The waterseller





MrVW National Costume done by the great and fabulous Martis Andel and his company United Colors. Love you guys!!

My national costume for MrVW is a part of the national, traditional culture for Morocco.
I present to you , a Marrakesh Water-Seller.
Exotic, outlandish and worldwide known…the Water-Sellers flood the Jemaa el Fna square in Marrakesh Morocco. Also known as guérrab , they are a regular figure in the major tourist centers of Morocco.
With their red costumes and their huge hats of threads of colors, the water-sellers carry one of the most precious assets for the inhabitants of the region, for the dwellers of the Atlas, to the Berbers of the desert… Water… it is life.
This attire made them more easily recognizable to those who needed the liquid element. They carried the water in large eye-washers hung from their shoulders. Around the neck a string of small copper cups to give drinks to the thirsty caravans. Their bells are heard through the square.
A vibrant and inspiring culture Morocco is…
I hope I have represented it well.

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