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MrVW 2015


GQ Mix&match Cigar room – challenge from the competition. Special thanks to Cas Solar (cacilia.mcmasters)

Unorthodox  ~  Comeback Hairbase Noir
Unorthodox  ~ Truth Hair and hairbase Noir
FrozenDreams  ~  Killian Facial Hair Dark
Esgardio formerly M-Arc Mirror  ~  Realistic Full Beard 2
Atro Patena  ~  Beard A3 BLACK
Aibeat  ~  Prim beard black [01]
David Heather  ~  Gaberdine Jacket White
Viscon  ~  Mesh Tie Straight
Chop Zuey  ~  Lux Arumque  Mens Tie Clip (cuff links set)
Chop Zuey  ~  Crunchy Salamander Mens Brooch
Chop Zuey  ~  The Rat Pack Mens Ring
Izzie’s  ~  Silver and Black Watch
Pucca Firecaster’s Creations (PFC)  ~  Cigar
Cacilia McMasters (formerly Obsessed)  ~  Oscar Mens Suit Slacks
Hoorenbeek  ~  Mesh Allen Shoes Black/White
Body Factory  ~  Fly Necklace
Bandit Jewelry  ~  JPB VERONA unisex ring platinum

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