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I came across some REALLY nice tats for the Niramyth mesh body. If you’re from NYC, ATL, Texas or sure to check out the dope tats by Hollywood Rejects.


Niramyth  ~  AESTHETIC  Advanced Mesh Body SMITH 1.5

Hollywood Reject  ~  CHIRAQ BORN Tattoo for Niramyth

BADE  ~  Bert Hair Reds @ June MOM

Unorthodox  ~   Godd Hair-base Red

HAYSURIZA  ~  Sunglasses Michel2 Advance (different from previous blogged pair..more options in HUD) @ June On9

.Shi  ~  Headphone V1.Ivory @ June Arcade Gacha

kunst   ~  Joint @ June MOM

Egoisme  ~  Dream Dogtags Necklace

RealEvil  ~  ReVoX Nipple Piercing P6 @ June MOM

Meva  ~  Male Bracelet Pearls @ June MOM

Pumpkin  ~  Sporty pants leather white

NikotiN  ~  SplitRock Classic



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