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Urban Nomad


HOMAGE  ~  Aiden Hair-base

HOMAGE  ~  Syree Hair

Clef de Peau  ~  Jonas Skin: Freckles and Face Tattoo NEW @ Jan The Men’s Dept

O KARA  ~  Facial Hair 2k14-17 black

Minimal  ~  Dragon Earring & Nose Ring NEW @ Jan TMD

Lapointe & BastChild  ~  Mens “Shark Tooth” Necklace NEW @ Jan TMD

Speakeasy  ~  Elu Tattoo NEW @ Jan TMD

F.A.T  ~  Silas Unisex Fur Vest Castano NEW @ Jan TMD

Benjaminz  ~  Classic Denim NEW @ Jan TMD

Nomad  ~  Zipper Bracelet Silver right



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