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U can hate me now

hate me5
Introducing two new sponsors of the Cinquetti Style blog.
SO happy to be apart of the Prodigy Ink team and team Sabotage.
Both doing their thing on the grid and putting out awesome  new creations.


Sabotage  ~  Canvas Cap Black NEW @ Black Wall Street Event starting March 4

Prodigy Ink  ~  Beckham Tattoo with Appliers

MINIMAL  ~  Babel Necklace NEW @ Mens Only Monthly Feb/March

CerberusXing  ~  Antler Ring Black (right hand) NEW @ Mens Only Monthly Feb/March

sharp by [ZD]  ~  GUY RING SET  antique silver NEW @ Mens Only Monthly Feb/March

BAMSE  ~  Personal Cannon Gacha #8 Golden (right) NEW @ Cosmopolitan

BAMSE  ~  Personal Cannon Gacha #2 Bloody RARE

[ Excellence ]  ~  Smile Jeans Green  NEW @ Mens Only Monthly Feb/March

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